Five years ago I stumbled upon an article that read, Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young. It was a series of life hacks and lessons shaped by Mary Schmich existence. This quickly became my supplemented guide to life. She encouraged, in the article, every individual over the quarter century mark to give it ago and dish out a series of insights gained from their own experiences. My insight should certainly not serve as advice but merely as a caution or a reminder for those who choose to see the context in their life where it might apply.

The law of the universe is steadfast to this principle, everything will continue to change and when they don’t they will cease to exist. We are promised nothing in the world but this, and that is the single most beautiful thing that will shape our experiences.


Don’t ever distance yourself from the people that truly care about you. Life will come at you with unknowns. You certainly can’t brace yourself for every one of them. Embrace someone in their hurt and lean on someone when you need it, no one does it alone. Your experience is yours, embrace particularly your direst of experiences, they teach you the most and share the best of your experiences.
Many will despise you, sometimes you will be at fault other times the universe “just wished” it upon you. Do well to accept when you are wrong and apologize but don't expect forgiveness from anyone but yourself. No one owes you a thing.


Smile in your pain, Cry in your joy, cry when you are hurt and smile when you are happy. Laugh at yourself, Sympathize with the world, proclaim your excitement and unravel your pain. Consume your anger, let it birth passion. Indulge your saddest of emotions but don’t wallow in them, they will all cease to exist in due time and so will your happy days but smile in your pain.


Seek the desires of your heart, allow yourself to fall, to feel this vulnerability at least once, there is total bliss in this. There is a sense of comfort to having truly loved, unconditionally. Love your parents this way, your siblings, your friends, your spouse but at the very least love yourself this deeply. Fall in love with your presence, your signature, your shade, your smile, your flaws. No one is perfect, it is a cliche but far from a romantic notion, it is simply the truth. Only a few will love you back this way, that is even if you drew the luck of the draw, however, find solace in knowing it really just takes one person to love you back this way, yourself.


Travel as far as you can, Let your every step be a sense of curiosity and adventure. Take a road trip once, either by foot with no purposeful destination or with friends across the globe and just marvel at the world around you and the intricacy of culture and its harmony with a people. Don't create a bucket list, you will attain nothing with a checked list. Seek wonder in every path you transverse.


Remember everything will change. Do not ever be done learning. You do not want be the one constant while everything around you is evolving . Read, listen, practice, create, repeat. Enrich the mind at all times.


Sew your aspirations to existence. You are destined to be nothing but every habit and discipline you nurture. Everything changes in time but your actions set a ripple effect that carries on generations to come, so let your aspirations be great. Let your aspirations blur the realms of your dreams and your reality.

Be thankful,

Be nothing but grateful, always. You had little to do with who you are today or who you will be tomorrow. You were nurtured, influenced, watched over, saved, or taught by someone else. Be thankful with all experiences you have and be most impactful with the negative ones.

Nothing in this world revolves around you, everything that you perceive as a direct causation of you will expire. Your perception of self will expire. I caution you with this as a reminder that your time is the most limited and most valuable resource you have got. Take every moment for what it is worth and triple the value. Learn to not just travel or love but feel, embrace and strive every single day. And be thankful in every moment.